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    Viewing profiles is essential to the social aspect of this website. This guide will explain how to view others' profiles and how to edit your own.

    Table of Contents:
    • Viewing Profiles
    • Statuses and Comments
    • Profile Pictures
    • Followers
    • Edit Your Information
    Viewing Profiles
    The first thing to do to view a profile is to click on the person's name- it can be on a reply, thread, tag, etc. The example picture will show the name on a thread.
    Once you have clicked on the name, a pop-up will appear. You will be able to see their basic forum statistics. Click on "Profile Page"
    Now, you are on the person's profile. The main features of the profile will be briefly outlined:
    *Scribbled out areas are only seen by Staff Members on profiles
    1. The person's name
    2. The person's ranks or positions on the website
    3. The profile comment and status area ("wall")
    4. "Profile Posts" or comment tab
    5. "Recent Activity" tab- shows the user's recent public activity
    6. "Postings" tab- displays all of the user's threads and replies
    7. "Information" tab- will show a user's self-written biography if they have written one
    8. The user's profile picture
    9. The user's forum statistics
    Statuses and Comments
    Statuses and Comments may be made on your own profile and other people's profiles as well. They are incredibly easy to make. Simply type in your message to the other person and click "Post".
    Once you have posted it, the comment will join all of the other ones in chronological order from the latest post to the oldest post.
    You will be notified if someone writes something on your profile.

    Profile Pictures
    Profile pictures may be changed whenever the user wants it to. Changing your own profile picture is easy. First, open your profile, then click on your current profile picture.
    A pop-up will appear. You will see either an option to browse your computer/phone to find another picture OR offer Gravatar support. Whichever you choose is your call, but this guide will cover the browse option. So, make sure the bullet point for "Use a custom avatar" is filled in, then click browse.
    This guide will skip ahead to after you have selected a picture from your device. After you are satisfied with the selected picture, click the "Okay" button. That is all to profile pictures!

    It is an option on this website to follow other people, also known as "linking" to them. If you follow someone, it is displayed on their profile so that other visitors know that you are connected. To follow someone, simply open their profile and click the "Follow" button. To unfollow someone, just click the same button, except the text will read, "Unfollow".

    Edit Your Information

    Profiles and your own information are highly customizable. You can pretty much have whatever you want within reason. To begin editing your information, click the down arrow next to your name on the profile tab.
    Next, click the "Personal Details" button on the drop-down menu.
    From there, you'll be brought to a menu where you can edit all of your notification, biographical, and privacy information. We won't go over every piece of it, since it's pretty self-explanatory. We will say that the first page you are brought to when clicking "Personal Details" is information that does show up on your profile.

    We hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any questions, please reply here and a Staff Member will answer your question as soon as possible.

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