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    Here is a guide on how to navigate the website.

    Table Of Contents:
    • Finding the Correct Section
    • Making a Thread
    • Replying to Threads
    • Reporting Threads and Posts
    • Editing Posts
    • Deleting Posts
    Finding The Correct Section
    This purpose of this website is to provide information and a friendly social environment for Leo alumni. There are purple categories with many sections under them. Each section is designed for certain topics such as politics, sports, etc. You will be able to see what the purpose of each section is by either reading the title or hovering your mouse over the title for a better description. Not all section titles will have a description if the title is clearly communicates the purpose of the section.
    Once you have found the correct section, click on it. From here, you will be able to make threads.

    Making a Thread
    A thread is a post about a certain topic. Anyone can make a thread about any topic- so long as it is in the correct section. After choosing your section, you'll see a list of existing threads. You may want to read or reply to one, but we'll get to that later. The first step making a thread is to click on the "Post New Thread" button.
    From there, you'll be taken to what looks like a word processing program. At this point, you can title your thread and fill in the contents of the thread. You can use words, pictures, symbols, etc. to fill in your thread. Remember to follow the guidelines when creating content! Hover your mouse over each button above the body to see their functions.
    After you have finished writing your thread, there are some additional options towards the bottom of the page to consider before posting, such as notifications, polls, etc. If you choose to watch the thread, you choose to get notifications if someone replies. Open threads allow replies. Setting polls are optional, but if you're gathering data, they can be useful. Setting up polls are pretty straight-forward.
    If you want to upload files, such as pictures, simply click on the "Upload Files" button and the wizard will walk you through that process. Now you're ready to post your thread. Click on the "Preview..." button to look at what your thread will look like or click on the "Create Thread" button when you want to post it!
    Now your thread is posted. You and every other member can view it in the section list, read it, and reply to it!

    Now, you are ready to post replies on your thread and other people's threads!

    Replying to Threads

    When you post replies, you are replying to what a certain thread is saying. Replies only are displayed when the thread the reply was to is open. After reading a thread that you want to reply to, scroll down to the very bottom of the page. Here, you'll see a box where you can type a reply. The layout of this is similar to thread creation.
    Uploading a file for replies works the exact same way as uploading a file works when posting threads. The "More Options..." button takes you to a bigger text box with more formatting options. When your reply is complete, all you have to do is click "Post Reply"!

    Reporting Threads and Posts
    If you see an offensive post or a post that violates the guidelines, we ask you to please report it. To report a post, simply click the "Report" button.
    Next, you will be prompted to fill in a reason as to why you're reporting. All you have to do is briefly describe why the post is offensive or why it violates the guidelines. When you're done filling in the reason, click the "Report Post" button.

    Editing Posts
    Sometimes you may spot a spelling mistake in your post and want to fix it. To edit your post, click the "Edit" button.
    You will be taken to a text body with formatting options similar to the options of replies and thread creating. The "More Options..." button takes you to a bigger text box with more formatting options. Go ahead and make your edits, then click the "Save Changes" button.

    Deleting Posts
    Sometimes, you may want to delete a post. However, this segment of the guide DOES NOT include thread deletion. Threads may not be deleted. Only replies can be deleted. To delete a post, simply click the "Delete" button.
    You will be prompted to provide an option reason for the deletion. Once you have typed the reason in, click the "Delete Post" button. Scribbled out contents of the picture only apply to Staff Members.

    We hope this guide has helped you. If you have any questions, please reply here and a Staff Member will address your concern as soon as possible. Have a nice day!
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