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    I am informing you of a minor security update. Due to recent spam bot activity, I have added a layer of verification for new members to join the website. This will consist of a box simply asking you a question, for you to copy down numbers it has provided, or for you to check a box. This is to prove your "humanity". This will not disrupt anyone's existing membership or stop legitimate Leo Alumni from joining properly. If you already have an account made, you do not have to worry as this doesn't affect you. If you do not have an account made, the security measure will not stop you from joining.

    The new security measure protects against spam bots. Spam bots are literally robots employed by advertisers (typically drug companies) that go on free messaging boards such as this one and post about the products they are selling. The new security measure detects and stops spam bots and other non-human members only. Non-human members can include, in addition to spam bots, visitor bots, analytic devices, and search engine probes. None of these are dangerous to your personal privacy, but nonetheless, they are disruptive to our discussion environment and have been dealt with, hopefully for good.

    Spam bots are strictly disallowed here. If you have a question or concern regarding our guidelines, please visit this link:

    If you have any questions about the new security specifically, please feel free to reply below.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

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