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    Here is a brief description of the website layout and how to navigate. Every major button and tab will be explained:
    1. The "Home" button. This is where you'll see news and announcements.
    2. The "Forums" button. This is the part of the website used most. The forum categories, sections, threads, and replies are found here.
    3. The "Members" button. You can view all members and get information on them.
    4. The profile button. Here you can view your personal profile and relevant settings for it.
    5. The personal messaging button. This is where you can find sent and received personal messages.
    6. The alert button. You'll find all notifications here.
    7. The Lion logo. Click on this to return to the home page.
    8. A section. This forum is host to many sections that are found under the purple categories. Open the section to view it's threads.
    9. The Online Staff Display. Take a quick glance here to see what Staff Members are online.
    10. A category. Purple categories hold relevant sections under them.
    We hope this guide has been helpful for you. If you have any questions, please reply and a Staff Member will respond with an answer as soon as possible. Have a great day!
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